If you’re a Swiss or Ukrainian citizen planning a trip to the enchanting Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, understanding the visa application process is crucial. The Kingdom has made strides in welcoming tourists from various countries, including Switzerland and Ukraine, and obtaining a Saudi visa is a relatively straightforward process. In this guide, we will walk you through the essential steps for applying for a Saudi visa for both Swiss and Ukrainian citizens.


1. Visit the Official Saudi Visa Website

Start by visiting the official Saudi visa website at. This platform provides comprehensive information about the visa application process and requirements specifically tailored for Swiss citizens.

2. Understand the Visa Types

Saudi Arabia offers different types of visas, including tourist visas, business visas, and pilgrimage visas. Determine the type of visa that best suits your travel purpose and duration of stay.

3. Gather Required Documents

Ensure you have all the necessary documents, which may include a valid passport, passport-sized photographs, completed application forms, travel itinerary, hotel reservation, and proof of financial means. The specific requirements can be found on the official website.

4. Fill Out the Online Application Form

Navigate to the online application form and provide accurate information. Double-check your entries to avoid any discrepancies.

5. Pay the Visa Fee

Saudi Arabia requires a visa fee for processing applications. Follow the instructions on the website to make the payment securely.

6. Submit Your Application

Once all documents are in order and the payment is made, submit your application through the online portal. Keep the reference number for future tracking.

7. Track Your Application

Use the reference number to track the status of your visa application. The online portal will provide updates on the progress.

8. Receive Your Visa

Upon approval, you will receive your Saudi visa. Print a copy to carry with you during your travels.


1. Access the Official Saudi Visa Portal

For Ukrainian citizens, the dedicated page is Visit this site to obtain specific information regarding the visa application process.

2. Explore Visa Categories

Just like with Swiss citizens, Ukrainian travelers should explore the available visa categories and select the one that aligns with their travel intentions.

3. Prepare Necessary Documents

Gather the required documents, which typically include a valid passport, passport photos, completed application forms, flight itinerary, hotel reservation, and proof of financial capability. Confirm the specifics on the official website.

4. Complete the Online Form

Fill out the online application form accurately, providing all required information. Ensure that the information matches your supporting documents.

5. Pay the Visa Processing Fee

Pay the applicable visa fee through the secure online payment system specified on the website.

6. Submit Your Application

Submit your completed application through the online portal. Keep the reference number safe for tracking purposes.

7. Track Your Application Status

Utilize the reference number to check the status of your visa application. Regularly monitor the updates on the online portal.

8. Obtain and Print Your Visa

Upon approval, download and print your Saudi visa. Carry a copy with you during your journey to Saudi Arabia.

In conclusion, obtaining a Saudi visa for Swiss and Ukrainian citizens involves a systematic process. By following these steps and referring to the official websites, you can ensure a smooth application process and look forward to exploring the rich cultural heritage and vibrant landscapes of Saudi Arabia. Safe travels!

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