How Product Design Depends on Quality Control

Regardless of what you’re shopping for, you deserve the highest quality products that have been designed and manufactured with your needs in mind. USANA Health Sciences is a company that focuses on creating high-quality nutritional products that support your wellbeing. From the early stages of design to the final moments of quality control, the customer is at the heart of everything USANA does.

The design process and quality of a product are intrinsically linked. The product design process takes an idea and turns it into an invention. When that design is thought out and executed with care and precision, the resulting product is durable, functional, efficient, and safe to use. This is why USANA takes the time to develop, manufacture, and thoroughly test every product in their facility, exceeding our customers’ expectations and providing them with only the best.

Quality Is in the Details

From the very beginning, USANA has developed vitamins and mineral supplements with the ultimate goal of supporting and sustaining healthy living. USANA looks closely at day-to-day concerns from every possible angle, delving deep into the science of the body’s complex physical needs. In the design process at USANA, a team of experts knows that cells are the building blocks of life. Every living thing, no matter how small, is built of at least one cell, and experts estimate that human beings are made up of trillions and trillions of carefully arranged cells. The exact number of cells in a human body is affected by a number of variables such as size and age, but an average adult might have anywhere from 30 to 100 trillion cells making up their body! Regardless of just how many cells are inside of you specifically, one thing is obvious—we all need to take care of our cells!

USANA works to support your body’s well-being by supporting you all the way down to the cellular level. It may sound complicated, but at USANA, a dedicated team of experts has already done extensive research into how our bodies work. USANA scientists specialize in human nutrition, genetics, molecular biology, and biochemistry—focusing on the small details that make a big difference in how our bodies function. Their tireless studies support and improve the development of the products that make this company great and help support and improve the lives of their customers.

Quality and the Quest for Continuous Improvement

USANA Health Sciences recognizes the immense value in going beyond the norm with their products. It’s the passion of dedicated scientists and researchers that have led the way in developing products like InCelligence Technology, moving the quality of supplements lightyears ahead of the competition. Their innovative creations depend on effective quality control and a strategic design process to keep moving forward. USANA strives to create products that are simple to use and become even more effective over time.

At USANA, they take the time to develop high-quality products to show our customers that their time and investment in our products is incredibly valuable. Designing a product is not just a one-time boardroom meeting but a long-term effort across multiple departments to focus the company’s energy on what’s best for their customers. Product design at USANA is a continuous cycle that identifies the needs of customers based on market trends and feedback, maps out a solution, and delivers an effective product. As the product enters the market, additional reviews and feedback from customers allows USANA to improve what we do—enhancing product quality on a constant basis.

Designing with High-Quality Materials

USANA’s design process starts with a focus on customer needs, and it continues with the use of pure and potent materials. To produce our innovative and top-tier supplements, USANA starts by purchasing raw materials from trusted sources around the world. Their suppliers are thoroughly vetted, and the ingredients purchased from them come certified for potency, purity, and are tested to be free from contaminants. With this dedication to high-quality ingredients, USANA’s final products have also been tested and have received the “Stamp of Approval” from, one of the most trusted and reputable third-party institutes for independent testing. 

Many dietary supplement manufacturers adhere to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards set specifically for the food industry. These standards are already rigorous and push companies within the dietary supplement industry to the limit. USANA follows high standards that cover everything from the overall design of manufacturing plants to cleanliness, quality control procedures, testing of raw materials and final products, and even how waste is disposed of at the manufacturing facility. With these strict codes in place, you can rest assured that no matter what product you buy, USANA will always guarantee that it is potent, pure, safe, and developed with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Why Do We Care So Much about Quality Products?

Product quality benefits all of us. When you know the product is made with potent, pure ingredients by a team of experts, you know you can put trust in the company behind it. Your personal well-being affects everything you do, and you deserve high-quality products free of impurities. USANA wants to help you live a good life, and USANA’s innovative products encourage you to meet your wellness goals again and again.

USANA is incredibly proud of the many advancements they’ve made in nutritional technology and care. Countless awards speak to the work that’s been done by their talented team. Behind those awards, the dedication to science, and commitment to safety—USANA is focused on producing high-quality products that support you! By creating products that exceed your expectations, USANA is showing that we care.

Designed with Care

Careful design and high quality are what make USANA products stand out from other supplements on the market. When products are designed with a focus on the needs of customers, USANA is a company that goes beyond your initial expectations of what makes a good nutritional product. Your feedback fuels the design process, and USANA’s precisely designed products can help fuel your healthy life.

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